Perfect for creating show-stopping quartz countertops and waterfall islands in kitchens, bathroom vanity tops, backsplash, showers, and floors—in both residential and commercial environments—this lovely neutral quartz won’t let you down. Available in 2 CM and 3 CM slabs and prefabricated options, get the look of luxurious marble in this durable and maintenance-free quartz.

The primary ingredients consist of ground Quartz (about 94%), polyester resins for binding, and pigments to give it colour. We can provide our designers by ourselves and also able to design new products according to the samples, pictures, and drawings of customers.

Customized designers available

Slab Size: 3000×1400mm/118”×55”   3200×1600mm/126”×63”

Thickness: 15mm 18mm 20mm 30mm

Finishing: Polished, Honed(customized)

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